Zone6ix & The Muscle Cookie Team Up!

Who is Zone6ix?

Zone6ix is a media platform for youth and high school athletes. Co-Founders Jordan Coleman & Justin Wimberly are giving athletes the opportunity to show their personalities on and off the field/court.

Zone6ix also serves as a recruiting platform for future college student-athletes.

We had the opportunity to be part of Zone6ix Elite Invitational all weekend long. We had one job and it was, Feed the athletes.

2 Days of Skills & Drills
10+ Teams
10+ Coaches
100+ Athletes

Located Paterson Field the weekend started on Saturday. The Muscle Cookie team made healthy fruit cups, distributed water, protein shakes and recovery drinks so the athletes can fuel up and perform the next day.

As a sponsor the The Muscle Cookie team was able to enjoy the whole weekend from both sides. Not only was the team able to experience The Elite Invitational from the  side of things but also witness  some of the best high school athletes go out and do their thing.